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One of my artistic and vital interests is teaching of art. For many years of family tradition and I am teaching in the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry - one of Russia's oldest art schools in the field of industrial, monumental and decorative and applied art and art interior. My family has dedicated this educational institution for a total of more than a century.

Art and Industry Academy was founded in 1825 by Count Sergei G. Stroganov as a school for artists of arts and crafts, and originally known as the "School of Drawing in relation to arts and crafts."

Since 1987, I am teaching painting and drawing at the Department of Restoration of monumental and decorative painting.

The main topics of my teaching and methodical work is:

- The initial basic education of professional artists in the field of easel painting in oils.

- The study of methods and techniques of classical painting by copying the works of old masters.